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Readers Respond: Vietnam War - Share Your Story

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From the article: Vietnam War 101
The Vietnam War helped define a generation of Americans and Vietnamese. Here we invite veterans and those from the home front to share their experiences about this divisive conflict. This is a place for all those involved to communicate their personal stories and those of family members who may not have made it home.

Robert Nelson's Kid

My dad, SFC. Robert E. Nelson, served 3 tours in Vietnam! After his third was up, he went into the Secret Service! I was born in 1966, so my dad was in Nam when I was born! I have only seen my Daddy maybe a total of 10 times since he left for good when I was 6 yrs. Old! I am responding because I LOVE my Daddy with my whole heart & soul, no ifs, ands or buts!! He is my HERO, always has been & always will be! I know Vietnam did something bad to my Daddy & that's why he has never had a life with me, I understand & accept that..I dearly love him anyway! My Daddy is around 70 to 72 yrs old now...I simply want him to know I love him regardless & I DO NOT judge him for the past! I want him to know its alright, so please be at Peace with yourself & I will look you up one day in Heaven, we can have our time then, I reckon! At Ease SFC Robert E Nelson..your lil' girl is okay, let it all go..no remorse, no regrets! Love Always, your lil' girl forever, Robin W. Nelson

Correct History

Saying an American Warship was attacked in the Gulf on Tonken got the US invoved is a little simplistic. Today it is pretty well known and proven there was no attack. The radar is believed to have picked up a flight of geese. There is no proof that the shots where ever fired. Served 67-68
—Guest Bill Dixon


what can one say about their time away from "the world".everythig that makes one feel alive happened there. everything that makes one less than human also happened there. i was a pointman with the 1st cav 68-69. made it thru 4 months before medivac out.left too many good people [brothers] there and a chunk of what one could call my "soul".yet i must say that if i could go back and do it over again, even not knowing what the outcome would be, i would.
—Guest bopdun@aol.com


Here goes:SEPT 13,1966,ROUTINE SEARCH AND DESTROY. Was WIA ALONG WITH THREE OTHERS,DON'know names or rank and Two KIA Bruce and Lenartowicz;Boston and Philly respectfully.We were withF-2-1-1st.Mar div. Would like to contact other WIA's of this patrole,has been a long time carrying this around withe me,someone please help,much Guilt,would like to know before the final battle........... Carpe Diam/Semper Fi: Merwin

Vietnam Service.

Spent 3 tours of duty in Vietnam. Spetember 1967-September 1968 with the 525th Military Intelligence Group. Second tour was March 1969-March 1970 with Company C 1st Batallion 22nd Infantry, with the 4th Infantry Division. Third tour was from December 1971-December 1972, with Bravo Compnay 716th Military Police Batallion, 18th Military Police Birigade. The first time I came under fire in Vietnam was during the Tet Offensive January 31, 1968 at 3:10 a.m.. The second time under fire was Mini Tet the May offensive May 1st 1968.
—Guest Robert Ryan

Helicopter Crash FB Fontaine 1971

at this FB we had flown CC for the day and was heading back home. As we took off I heard a loud explosion and we started down I raised my 60 and checked for incoming rounds, nothing, so I let it down. I remember very little since then until after I came to pinned under the bird. Two men had been beside me, I heard they had jumped and got minor injuries. Who are/were they? I was pinned under the crash for several hours and during that time two medics came in and talked to me. Who were they? I would like to say thank you, you probably saved my life. The two pilots died as did two of our passangers, the crew chief got the transmission in his back, what happened to him/later? If anyone knows feel free to contact my email. I know some of what has happened, but I really would like to know about the rest, the crew was friends and the others just call me nosey.


In country V.N.1970-71. Chu Lai. 23d Inf.Americal. would like to know the names of two Cpts. fragged Sept. Oct.70 in Chu Lai.
—Guest john d davis

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