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1800s Military History Timeline



1800s Military History Timeline

Napoleon at the Battle of Wagram, 1809

Photograph Source: Public Domain

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February 9, 1801 - French Revolutionary Wars: The War of the Second Coalition ends when the Austrian and French sign the Treaty of Lunéville

April 2, 1801 - Vice Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson wins the Battle of Copenhagen

May 1801 - First Barbary War: Tripoli, Tangier, Algiers and Tunis declare war on the United States

March 25, 1802 - French Revolutionary Wars: Fighting between Britain and France ends with the Treaty of Amiens

May 18, 1803 - Napoleonic Wars: Fighting resumes between Britain and France

January 1, 1804 - Haitian Revolution: The thirteen-year war ends with the declaration of Haitian independence

February 16, 1804 - First Barbary War: American sailors sneak into Tripoli harbor and burn the captured frigate USS Philadelphia

March 17, 1805 - Napoleonic Wars: Austria joins the Third Coalition and declares war on France, with Russia joining a month later

June 10, 1805 - First Barbary War: The conflict ends when a treaty is signed between Tripoli and the United States

October 16-19, 1805 - Napoleonic Wars: Napoleon is victorious at the Battle of Ulm

October 21, 1805 - Napoleonic Wars: Nelson crushes the combined Franco-Spanish fleet at the Battle of Trafalgar

December 2, 1805 - Napoleonic Wars: The Austrians and Russians are crushed by Napoleon at the Battle of Austerlitz

December 26, 1805 - Napoleonic Wars: The Austrians sign the Treaty of Pressburg ending the War of the Third Coalition

February 6, 1806 - Napoleonic Wars: The Royal Navy wins the Battle of San Domingo

Summer 1806 - Napoleonic Wars: The Fourth Coalition of Prussia, Russia, Saxony, Sweden and Britain is formed to fight France

October 15, 1806 - Napoleonic Wars: Napoleon and French forces defeat the Prussians at the Battles of Jena and Auerstädt

February 7-8, 1807 - Napoleonic Wars: Napoleon and Count von Bennigsen fight to a draw at the Battle of Eylau

June 14, 1807 - Napoleonic Wars: Napoleon routs the Russians at the Battle of Friedland, forcing Tsar Alexander to sign the Treaty of Tilsit which effectively ended the War of the Fourth Coalition

June 22, 1807 - Anglo-American Tensions: HMS Leopard fires on USS Chesapeake after the American ship refused to be allowed to be searched for British deserters

May 2, 1808 - Napoleonic Wars: The Peninsular War begins in Spain when the citizens of Madrid rebel against French occupation

August 21, 1808 - Napoleonic Wars: Lieutenant General Sir Arthur Wellesley defeats the French at the Battle of Vimeiro

January 18, 1809 - Napoleonic Wars: British forces evacuate northern Spain after the Battle of Corunna

April 10, 1809 - Napoleonic Wars: Austria and Britain begin the War of the Fifth Coalition

April 11-13, 1809 - Napoleonic Wars: The Royal Navy wins the Battle of the Basque Roads

June 5-6, 1809 - Napoleonic Wars: The Austrians are defeated by Napoleon at the Battle of Wagram

October 14, 1809 - Napoleonic Wars: The Treaty of Schönbrunn ends the War of the Fifth Coalition in a French victory

May 3-5, 1811 - Napoleonic Wars: British and Portuguese forces hold at the Battle of Fuentes de Oñoro

March 16-April 6, 1812 - Napoleonic Wars: The Earl of Wellington lays siege to the city of Badajoz

June 18, 1812 - War of 1812: The United States declared war on Britain beginning the conflict

June 24, 1812 - Napoleonic Wars: Napoleon and the Grande Armée cross the Neman River beginning the invasion of Russia

August 16, 1812 - War of 1812: British forces win the Siege of Detroit

August 19, 1812 - War of 1812: USS Constitution captures HMS Guerriere to give the United States the first naval victory of the war

September 7, 1812 - Napoleonic Wars: The French defeat the Russians at the Battle of Borodino

September 5-12, 1812 - War of 1812: American forces holds out during the Siege of Fort Wayne

December 14, 1812- Napoleonic Wars: After a long retreat from Moscow, the French army leaves Russian soil

January 18-23, 1812 - War of 1812: American forces at beaten at the Battle of Frenchtown

Spring 1813 - Napoleonic Wars: Prussia, Sweden, Austria, Britain, and a number of the German states form the Sixth Coalition to take advantage of France's defeat in Russia

April 27, 1813 - War of 1812: American forces win the Battle of York

May 2, 1813 - Napoleonic Wars: Napoleon defeats Prussian and Russian forces at the Battle of Lützen

May 20-21, 1813 - Napoleonic Wars: Prussian and Russian forces are beaten at the Battle of Bautzen

May 27, 1813 - War of 1812: American forces land and capture Fort George

June 6, 1813 - War of 1812: American troops are beaten in confused fighting at the Battle of Stoney Creek

June 21, 1813 - Napoleonic Wars: British, Portuguese, and Spanish forces under Sir Arthur Wellesley defeat the French at the Battle of Vitoria

August 30, 1813 - Creek War: Red Stick warriors conduct the Fort Mims Massacre

September 10, 1813 - War of 1812: US naval forces under Commodore Oliver H. Perry defeat the British at the Battle of Lake Erie

October 16-19, 1813 - Napoleonic Wars: Prussian, Russian, Austrian, Swedish, and German troops defeat Napoleon at the Battle of Leipzig

October 26, 1813 - War of 1812 - American forces are held at the Battle of the Chateauguay

November 11, 1813 - War of 1812: American troops are beaten at the Battle of Crysler's Farm

August 30, 1813 - Napoleonic Wars: Coalition forces defeat the French at the Battle of Kulm

March 27, 1814 - Creek War: Major General Andrew Jackson wins the Battle of Horseshoe Bend

March 30, 1814 - Napoleonic Wars: Paris falls to Coalition forces

April 6, 1814 - Napoleonic Wars: Napoleon abdicates and is exiled to Elba by the Treaty of Fontainebleau

July 25, 1814 - War of 1812: American and British forces fight the Battle of Lundy's Lane

August 24, 1814 - War of 1812: After defeating American forces at the Battle of Bladensburg, British troops burn Washington, DC

September 12-15, 1814 - War of 1812: British forces are defeated at the Battle of North Point and Fort McHenry

December 24, 1814 - War of 1812: The Treaty of Ghent is signed ending the war

January 8, 1815 - War of 1812: Unaware that the war has ended, General Andrew Jackson wins the Battle of New Orleans

March 1, 1815 - Napoleonic Wars: Landing at Cannes, Napoleon returns to France beginning the Hundred Days

June 16, 1815 - Napoleonic Wars: Napoleon wins his final victory at the Battle of Ligny

June 18, 1815 - Napoleonic Wars: Coalition forces led by the Duke of Wellington (Arthur Wellesley) defeat Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo ending the Napoleonic Wars

August 7, 1819 - Wars of South American Independence: General Simon Bolivar defeats Spanish forces in Colombia at the Battle of Boyaca

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