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Selected Weapons of the American Civil War

From Small Arms to Ironclads


Considered one of the first "modern" and "industrial" wars, the American Civil War saw a wealth of new technology and weapons come onto the battlefield. Advances during the conflict included a transition from muzzle-loading rifles to repeating breech-loaders, as well as the rise of armored, iron-hulled ships. This gallery will provide an overview of some of the weapons that made the Civil War America's bloodiest conflict.
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Model 1861 Colt Navy RevolverCommerce Raiders - CSS AlabamaModel 1853 Enfield RifleGatling Gun
USS KearsargeUSS Monitor & the IroncladsThe 12-pounder Napoleon3-inch Ordnance Rifle
Parrott RifleSpencer Rifle/CarbineSharps RifleModel 1861 Springfield
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