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People Throughout Military History


Military leaders have the ability to not just command troops in battle, but to inspire their men to achieve great things. Throughout the centuries, thousands have stepped forward to provide leadership to troops and forces in times of crisis. While leaders play a critical role, military forces would not exist without the dedication and commitment of the men in the ranks.
  1. Army Biographies
  2. Naval Biographies
  3. Air Force Biographies
  4. Home Front & Industrial Mobilization

Army Biographies

Men and women of all sorts have played key roles throughout military history. From nobility to those from the humblest roots, here we focus on those who have made contributions on battlefields around the world.

Naval Biographies

Thoughout the ages wars and conflicts have been decided at sea. Here we look at those who have achieved great things upon the waves.

Air Force Biographies

The youngest of the service branches, air forces have played a key role in wars since the early 20th century. In that time many individuals have distinguished themselves in the air.

Home Front & Industrial Mobilization

While wars and battles take place on the battlefield, the armed forces are supported by a vast array of resources at home. Here we examine life on the home front and the industrial mobilization needed to support the troops in the field.

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