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French & Indian/Seven Years' War Battles

A Global Conflict


French & Indian/Seven Years' War Battles

The Victory of Montcalm's Troops at Carillon

Photograph Source: Public Domain

French & Indian War/Seven Years' War: Overview

The Battles of the French & Indian/Seven Years' War: Fighting for Global Supremacy

The battles of the French & Indian/Seven Years' War were fought around the globe making the conflict the first truly global war. While fighting began in North America, it soon spread and consumed Europe and colonies as far flung as India and the Philippines. In the process, names such as Fort Duquesne, Rossbach, Leuthen, Quebec, and Minden joined the annals of military history. While armies sought supremacy on land, the combatants' fleets met in notable encounters such as Lagos and Quiberon Bay. By the time the fighting ended, Britain had gained an empire in North America and India, while Prussia, though battered, had established itself as a power in Europe.

French & Indian/Seven Years' War Battles: By Theater & Year


  • Battle of Fort Necessity/Great Meadows - North America


  • Battle of the Monongahela - North America

  • Battle of Lake George - North America


  • Battle of Plassey - India

  • Siege of Fort William Henry - North America

  • Battle of Rossbach - Europe

  • Battle of Leuthen - Europe


  • Siege of Louisbourg - North America

  • Battle of Carillon - North America

  • Battle of Domstadtl - Europe


  • Battle of Fort Niagara - North America

  • Battle of Minden - Europe

  • Battle of Quebec - North America

  • Battle of Quiberon Bay - Europe


  • Battle of Bushy Run - North America (Pontiac's Rebellion)
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