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Battles & Wars: 1900s

From the Second Boer War to the War in the Gulf, this is where you will find information about the conflicts of the 20th century.
  1. World War I (49)
  2. World War II (83)
  3. Korean War (3)
  4. Vietnam War (24)

Russo-Japanese War: Siege of Port Arthur
The siege of Port Arthur began in July 1904, when Japanese forces under Gen. Nogi Maresuke invested the city. Badly outnumbered, the Russians fought desperately for over five months before being compelled to surrender on January 2, 1905. The Siege of Port Arthur was one of the key battles of the Russo-Japanese War.

Mexican Revolution: Occupation of Veracruz
The Occupation of Veracruz began on April 21, 1914, when US Marines and naval forces came ashore in response to the Tampico Affair. Landing, American forces fought a brief battle in Veracruz before taking control of the city. The occupation of Veracruz ended on November 23, 1914, following mediation.

Mexican Revolution: US Punitive Expedition
The US Punitive Expedition to Mexico began in early 1916 in response to Pancho Villa's attacks across the border. Entering Mexico on March 15, the Punitive Expedition was led by BGen. John J. Pershing and was tasked with capturing Villa. It failed to do so and was withdrawn in early 1917 with the United States on the brink of entering World War I.

Spanish Civil War: Battle of El Mazuco
Fought in September 1937, the Battle of El Mazuco was a Nationalist victory during the Spanish Civil War. Fought in northern Spain, the Nationalists succeeded in capturing the pass at El Mazuco, collapsing the Republican position in Asturias.

The Winter War: Death in the Snow
The Winter War occurred between the Finland and the Soviet Union during the winter of 1939-1940. Begun by the Soviets who sought to gain territory, the war cost them dearly as the Finns mounted a heroic defense. Finally breaking through the Finnish lines, the Russians forced Finland to sign the Peace of Moscow which ended the Winter War.

Latin America: The Football War
Clashing in 1969, the Football War was the result of tensions between El Salvador and Honduras regarding immigration and land reform. Drawing its name from riots around qualifying matches for the 1970 World Cup, the Football War lasted approximately 100 hours before the Organization of American States forced a ceasefire.

International Terrorism: The Entebbe Raid
After hijacking Air France Flight 139, the terrorists directed the plane to divert to Entebbe, Uganda where the Jews and Israelis were separated from the other passengers and kept hostage in the airport terminal. On July 4, 1976, a group of Israeli commandos landed at Entebbe and stormed the terminal, rescuing the the hostages.

The Falklands War: An Overview
An overview of the 1982 Falklands War between Great Britain and Argentina. The Falklands War occurred after Argentine forces occupied the Falklands Islands in April 1982. Shortly thereafter a British naval task force succeeded in recapturing the Falklands and forcing the Argentine troops there to surrender.

The Gulf War - Operation Desert Storm
The Gulf War began with the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait on August 2, 1990. Following several months of diplomatic pressure, the Gulf War re-ignited when coalition air forces began a campaign against Iraqi targets. This was followed by a brief ground campaign in February 1991 which liberated Kuwait and ended the Gulf War.

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