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Seven Years' War: Battle of Domstadtl


Seven Years' War: Battle of Domstadtl

Frederick the Great of Prussia, 1780 by Anton Graff

Photograph Source: Public Domain


The Battle of Domstadtl was fought during the Seven Years' War (1756-1763).


The Austrian victory was achieved on June 30, 1758.

Armies & Commanders:


  • Lt. General Hans Joachim von Zieten
  • 30,000 men


  • Major General Ernst Gideon von Laudon
  • General Joseph von Siskovits
  • 12,000 men

Battle of Domstadtl Summary:

Invading Moravia in the spring of 1758, King Frederick the Great of Prussia laid siege to the city of Olomouc with the hope that it would draw out the Austrian army for a decisive battle. After a month-long siege, two gaps were opened in the city's walls, however more ammunition and additional supplies were needed before the assault could move forward. To meet this need, Frederick ordered a large convoy consisting of 4,000 wagons, 2,500 head of cattle, and 10,870 soldiers organized in Silesia.

Aware of the convoy's approach, Austrian Field Marshal Leopold Joseph von Daun ordered his troops to intercept it before it could reach Frederick's army. Sending Generals Ernst Gideon von Laudon and Joseph von Siskovits, von Daun hoped that by defeating the convoy it would force the Prussians to retreat from Moravia. On June 28, von Laudon attacked the Prussians with 6,000 men near the village of Guntramovice. After five hours of fighting the Prussians' superior numbers drove the Austrians from the field.

Rather than immediately pressing on to Olomouc, the Prussians paused to reorganize the convoy, giving the Austrian time to regroup. Two days later, the two Austrian generals were able to ambush the convoy outside of Domašov. von Siskovits opened the battle by attacking from the left side of the road. After fighting the Prussians to a standstill, he was joined by von Laudon who attacked from the right of the road, routing the Prussians. Without supplies, Frederick was forced to abandon the siege of Olomouc and withdrawal back to Bohemia.

Casualties for the battle were approximately 2,000 for the Prussians and around 600 for the Austrians.

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