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Photo Tour: Edinburgh Castle

The Jewel of Scotland


Perched high atop Castle Rock, Edinburgh Castle dominates the city and the surrounding area. First inhabited in the 9th century BC, the site served as a defensive stronghold for those living nearby. Over the centuries, Edinburgh Castle's role grew and evolved with it serving as a military base, palace, prison, ordnance factory, and royal mint. Despite this multi-tasking, the castle always remained first and foremost a fortress, and was attacked at least thirteen times during its long history.

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Edinburgh CastleEdinburgh CastleThe Esplanade & Half-Moon BatteryRobert the Bruce
Sir William WallaceFoog's GateSt. Margaret's ChapelScottish National War Memorial
Palace & Crown SquareOrdnance Stores & Hospital One O'Clock GunEdinburgh Castle as a Museum
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