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Tools of War: Weapons and Equipment


Since the beginning of time, weapons have constantly been evolving from the earliest spears to today's laser-guided bombs. As technology has changed, militaries have kept pace ensuring that they always have the most advanced weapons, ships, and aircraft.
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Arms & Equipment

Few things accelerate technological change like warfare, as the side with the most advanced weapons often triumphs in battle. In this section, examine the weapons and vehicles that had a major impact on the battlefield and ultimately changed history.


Land here to explore the wide variety of aircraft that have been used by the world's armed forces. From the Sopwith Camel to the F-14, this is your place for information about the planes that have dominated the skies.


While navies have sailed the world's oceans since before ancient Greece, some ships stand out for their technological advances, notable records in combat, or ill-fated demises. Find out more about some of these unique vessels.

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