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American Revolution Overview

Fought between 1775 and 1783, the American Revolution saw Britain's American colonies rise up to secure their independence as the United States of America. This section will provide an overview of the military aspects of the conflict.

American Revolution 101
The American Revolution was fought between 1775 and 1783, and was the result of increasing colonial unhappiness with British rule. During the American Revolution, American forces were constantly hampered by a lack of resources, but managed to win critical victories which led to an alliance with France. Following the American victory at...

American Revolution: Causes of Conflict
The American Revolution began as a result of increasing colonial unhappiness with the policies of the British government. Following the French and Indian War, the British attempted to levy a series of taxes on the American colonies. The American Revolution occurred when colonial protests led to armed conflict.

American Revolution: Early Campaigns
The American Revolution began with the first shots at Battle of Lexington in April 1775. With the colonies in open rebellion, fighting spread and early campaigns included an attempt to invade Canada. Around Boston, the American Revolution continued with the Battle of Bunker Hill and arrival of General George Washington.

American Revolution: New York, Philadelphia, & Saratoga
In 1776, the American Revolution shifted to New York as the British launched as successful campaign to take the city. This was followed the next year by the capture of Philadelphia. With Gen. George Washington's forces in the Mid-Atlantic battered, the northern American army was able to defeat and capture a British army at Saratoga which...

American Revolution: The War Moves South
Following the Battle of Monmouth, the American Revolution shifted south as British forces attempted to subjugate the southern colonies. Though able to take the coastal cities, the British were forced to fight a costly and losing campaign inland. After a series of battles, British forces under Gen. Charles Cornwallis was forced to retreat north.

American Revolution: Yorktown & Victory
The Battle of Yorktown was the final major battle of the American Revolution. Fought in Virginia, the Battle of Yorktown saw Gen. George Washington capture the army of General Lord Charles Cornwallis. The victory pursuaded the British to begin peace negotiations which resulted in an end to the war and recognition of American independence.

American Revolution Battles
The American Revolution saw battles fought up and down the eastern United States as well as in Canada. Beginning with Lexington and Concord, these battles involved Patriots, British, Loyalist, and Native America forces. These battles made famous places such as Bunker Hill, Saratoga, Cowpens, and Yorktown.

People of the American Revolution
The American Revolution saw professional British officers clash with American leaders who were drawn from all walks of life or from overseas. While many American leaders of the American Revolution had militia experience others were new to military activities. Some American commanders proved successful while others proved less so.

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