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A troubled country for several decades, Afghanistan is again on the front lines. Here we will examine the current conflict in Afghanistan from its beginnings after 9/11 to the present day.

War in Afghanistan: Battle of Tora Bora
The Battle of Tora Bora was largely fought December 12-17, 2001, in Afghanistan. Pushing back Taliban forces, Coalition troops attacked the Tora Bora cave system in the White Mountains in the hope of capturing Osama bin Laden. After a five-day battle, Tora Bora fell though bin Laden was not found.

Current Conflicts: International Security Assistance Force
Authorized by the UN Security Council in December 2001, the International Security Assistance Force was charged with providing security in Kabul and allowing the establishment of the Afghan Transitional Administration. In recent years, ISAF has expanded its reach beyond Kabul and has been involved in combating Taliban, Al-Qaeda, and other factional insurgents.

Afghanistan: Background
A detailed site from the US State Department that provides historical, geographic, economic, and demographic information about the country of Afghanistan.

War in Afghanistan - A Brief History
A brief history of the war in Afghanistan from the rise of the Taliban through present day.

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