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Army Leaders of the 1900s

The conflicts of the 1900s have seen the emergence of some of the greatest military minds in history. Here we examine those leaders who led their forces to victory in the 20th century.
  1. World War II Leaders (18)

Pancho Villa: Mexican Revolutionary
Pancho Villa was a famed leader during the Mexican Revolution (1910-1921). Operating in the north of the country, Villa was famed for his lightening cavalry raids and freebooting attitude. In 1920, he retired from military campaigning and lived in peace until he was killed in 1923.

Banana Wars: Major General Smedley Butler
Smedley Butler was noted major general in the US Marine Corps during early 20tu century. A two-time Medal of Honor winner, Smedley Butler saw service in the Caribbean and during World War I. Smedley Butler proved a controversial figure and later served as Director of Public Safety in Philadlephia.

World War I: Field Marshal Edmund Allenby
Edmund Allenby was a British field marshal during World War I. A veteran of the Boer War, Alleby held various commands on the Western Front before being dispatched to the Middle East. There Allenby led British forcs to numerous victories over the Turks and captured Jerusalem and Damascus.

World War I: Marshal Ferdinand Foch
Marshal Ferdinand Foch was a noted French commander during World War I. Playing a key role in the First Battle of the Marne, Ferdinand Foch later became supreme commander of Allied forces. In this role, Ferdinand Foch received the German request for an armistice.

World War I: Field Marshal Horatio Herbert Kitchener
Field Marshal Horatio Herbert Kitchener was a distinguished officer in the British Army in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Having played a key role in the Sudan and the Boer War, Kitchener is best remembered for working to raise troops during World War I. Kitchener was killed in 1916, while en route to Russia on a diplomatic mission.

World War I: Field Marshal John French
Field Marshal John French was a British commander during the early part of World War I. Entering the British Army in 1874, John French rose to prominence during the Second Boer War and later served as Chief of the Imperial General Staff. With the beginning of World War I, John French became the commander of the British Expeditionary Force, a...

World War I: Lieutenant Colonel T.E. Lawrence - Lawrence of Arabia
T.E. Lawrence, a.k.a. Lawrence of Arabia was a noted British officer during World War I. Assigned to aid the Arab Revolt, T.E. Lawrence became renown for his combat leadership and strategic planning. T.E. Lawrence earned international fame for his exploits and was key to the revolt's success.

World War I: General John J. Pershing
A pivotal leader of the US Army in the early 20th century, General John J. Pershing was the leader of US forces in Europe during World War I and was a mentor for many of the generals of World War II. In addition, John J. Pershing was the only leader to achieve the rank of General of the Armies.

World War I: Marshal Philippe Pétain
Marshal Philippe Petain was a key French commander during World War I. Philippe Petain is best known for his leadership during the Battle of Verdun. During World War II, Philippe Petain became disgraced as he led the collaborationist Vichy French government.

World War I: Sergeant Alvin C. York
Alvin C. York was a noted American soldier during World War I. On October 8, 1918, during the Meuse-Argonne Offensive, York captured 132 Germans single-handedly. For his achievement, Alvin York was awarded the Medal of Honor and became a national hero.

Korean War: General Matthew Ridgway
Matthew Ridgway was a key American airborne commander during World War II and later commanded United Nations troops during the Korean War. In Korea, Ridgway led the US 8th Army before replacing Gen. Douglas MacArthur as overall commander. In leading UN forces, Ridgway was able to hold the territory reclaimed after the Chinese offensives of 1950.

Vietnam War: Vo Nguyen Giap
A prominent Vietnamese general and statesman, Vo Nguyen Giap led the Viet Minh during the First Indochina War against France and masterminded the capture of Dien Bien Phu in 1954. During the Vietnam War, Vo Nguyen Giap served as commander-in-chief of the People's Army of Vietnam and planned the Tet Offensive.

Vietnam War: General William Westmoreland
General William Westmoreland is best remembered as the commander of US forces in Vietnam between 1964 and 1968. Lured into committing a large percentage of his forces to Khe Sanh, he was surprised by the North Vietnamese Tet Offensive. In June 1968, William Westmoreland left Vietnam to become US Army Chief of Staff and was replaced by Gen....

World War II: Colonel General Ludwig Beck
Colonel General Ludwig Beck was a German commander who served as chief of the general staff in the years before World War II. Ludwig Beck opposed Hitler's desire to go to war and resigned in August 1938. Continueing to oppose Hitler, Ludwig Beck was a player in the July 20 Plot.

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