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Becoming a Marine Corps Pilot - US Military - About.com
The process of becoming a Marine Corps pilot is a long and competitive one. Here are some of the hurdles you'll have to clear.
FAQ: Medical Certificates for Pilots - Aviation & Aerospace - About.com
In order to keep everyone safe, the FAA requires a pilot medical certificate from an FAA medical examiner prior to flying solo or earning a pilot certificate.
Vision Requirements For a Military Pilot/Navigator - US Military
One question that I'm often asked is what the vision requirements are to become a pilot or navigator in the United States Military. Each of the services have their ...
How to Become a Commercial Pilot
Many people are misinformed about what a "commercial pilot" is. They assume that if someone is a commercial pilot, they are an airline pilot. While it's true that ...
How to Become a Private Pilot - Aviation & Aerospace - About.com
Private pilots enjoy the freedom and convenience of flying a small aircraft for travel or business. Check out these steps for how to become a private pilot.
Requirements for Becoming an Airline Pilot - Aviation & Aerospace
Have you ever wondered what it takes to be an airline pilot? Perhaps you're considering a career in aviation, or maybe you simply wonder how pilots get their  ...
NAVAL AVIATION - PILOT (AOC) - US Military - About.com
Job descriptions and qualification factors for Navy Commissioned Officer Job Designators -- NAVAL AVIATION - PILOT (AOC)
Becoming an Air Force Pilot - Where to Start - US Military - About.com
Becoming an Air Force pilot isn't easy. If you make it, you will be among the elite of the elite in the United States armed services. Here's what you need to do to ...
How to Become a Sport Pilot - Aviation & Aerospace - About.com
The sport pilot certificate was created with the aviation enthusiast and hobbyist in mind. It was partially developed to encourage more people to fly. The sport ...
Becoming an Army Helicopter Pilot - US Military - About.com
Flying aircraft is a coveted career in the United States armed services, and the process to become a military pilot is a competitive one. Most candidates need at ...
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