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Vision Requirements For a Military Pilot/Navigator - US Military
One question that I'm often asked is what the vision requirements are to become a pilot or navigator in the United States Military. Each of the services have their ...
FAQ: Medical Certificates for Pilots - Aviation & Aerospace - About.com
In order to keep everyone safe, the FAA requires a pilot medical certificate from an FAA medical examiner prior to flying solo or earning a pilot certificate.
How to Become a Private Pilot - Aviation & Aerospace - About.com
Private pilots enjoy the freedom and convenience of flying a small aircraft for travel or business. Check out these steps for how to become a private pilot.
How to Become a Commercial Pilot
Many people are misinformed about what a "commercial pilot" is. They assume that if someone is a commercial pilot, they are an airline pilot. While it's true that ...
NAVAL AVIATION - PILOT (AOC) - US Military - About.com
Job descriptions and qualification factors for Navy Commissioned Officer Job Designators -- NAVAL AVIATION - PILOT (AOC)
Requirements for Becoming an Airline Pilot - Aviation & Aerospace
Have you ever wondered what it takes to be an airline pilot? Perhaps you're considering a career in aviation, or maybe you simply wonder how pilots get their  ...
Becoming a Marine Corps Pilot - US Military - About.com
The process of becoming a Marine Corps pilot is a long and competitive one. Here are some of the hurdles you'll have to clear.
How to Become a Sport Pilot - Aviation & Aerospace - About.com
The sport pilot certificate was created with the aviation enthusiast and hobbyist in mind. It was partially developed to encourage more people to fly. The sport ...
Women Pilots - Women in Aviation - Women's History - About.com
Women in planes: record-breaking pilots in war and peace. Amelia Earhart, Bessie Coleman and more.
Pilots and Piloting - Aviation & Aerospace - About.com
Pilots are as diverse as the aircraft they fly - but most share at least one thing in common: a passion for flying. In this section we look at the training requirements,  ...
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