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Napoleonic Wars - Military History - About.com
Fought between 1792 and 1815, the French Revolutionary Wars and the Napoleonic Wars consumed Western Europe. Fought between France and various ...
The French Revolutionary & Napoleonic Wars - Military History
The French Revolutionary & Napoleonic Wars began in 1792, just three years after the beginning of the French Revolution. Quickly becoming a global conflict,  ...
Napoleonic Wars - Naval Battles - Military History - About.com
A list of naval battles fought during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars.
History of the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars
At first Napoleon first bought success, transforming his military triumph into political one, gaining the position of First Consul and then Emperor. But more war  ...
The Napoleonic Wars - History of the Napoleonic Wars
Between 1796 and 1815 one of history's most outstanding military minds waged war across Europe: Napoleon Bonaparte.
The Napoleonic Wars - The War of the Sixth Coalition
Our narrative history of the Napoleonic Wars reaches the War of the Sixth Coalition.
The Napoleonic Wars- The War of the Fifth Coalition
Austria, still smarting at recent defeats, took heart from Napoleon's draining war in the Spanish peninsular, and decided to once more ally with Britain in the Fifth ...
Battle of Ligny - Napoleonic Wars - Waterloo Campaign
The Battle of Ligny was fought June 16, 1815, during the Napoleonic Wars. Fought during the Hundred Days, the Battle of Ligny saw the Prussians clash with  ...
Naval Leaders of the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars
An overview of naval leaders from the French Revolutionary & Napoleonic Wars.
Timeline of the Napoleonic and French Revolutionary Wars
Europe was at war from 1792, when the French Revolutionary Wars began, until 1815, when Napoleon was deposed for a second, and final, time. We have an ...
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