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General Robert E. Lee - Civil War Military History
General Robert E. Lee was a key Confederate commander during the Civil War. Taking command of Confederate forces in the east in mid-1862, he led the Army  ...
Battle of Fort Stedman - Battle of Petersburg - Civil War - Robert E. Lee
In May 1864, Lieutenant General Ulysses S. Grant commenced his Overland Campaign with the goal of destroying General Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern ...
The Battle of Chancellorsville - Civil War - Military History - About.com
Chancellorsville was fought May 1-6, 1863, and saw Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee win his most stunning victory. Badly outnumbered, Lee split his army in two ...
Civil War Battles of Robert E Lee - American History - About.com
... Northern Virginia through much of the Civil War. Read about the battles of the Civil War in which Robert E Lee was the principal commander of the Confederacy.
Robert E Lee - American History - About.com
Robert E. Lee was the leading general of the Confederacy. He was a brilliant strategist and made the southern war effort legitimate despite overwhelming odds .
Arlington House - The Robert E. Lee Memorial - National & State Parks
Overlooking Washington, D.C. and the Potomac River, the Arlington House is preserved as a memorial to Robert E. Lee, who spent 30 years of his life there.
Profile of General Robert E. Lee Video
How much do you know about Confederate Army General Robert E. Lee? Watch this About.com video to learn facts about this notorious General.
Ghosts of the Famous: Robert E. Lee - Paranormal Phenomena
As one of the great generals of the Civil War, Robert E. Lee is considered a military tactical genius, having led Confederate forces to numerous victories against ...
Battle of Antietam | Civil War's Bloodiest Day - 19th Century History
On the Confederate side, General Robert E. Lee was hoping to strike a decisive blow by invading the North. Lee's plan was to strike into Pennsylvania, ...
Profile of Robert E. Lee Video
Robert E. Lee was the Confederate Army general during the American Civil War. Learn more about Robert E. Lee's influence in American history with this ...
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