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Napoleonic Wars: Battle of Borodino - Military History - About.com
The Battle of Borodino was fought September 7, 1812, during Napoleon's invasion of Russia. Attacking Russian positions around Borodino, the French both ...
World War II Eastern Front and Operation Barbarossa - Military History
Opening an eastern front in Europe by invading the Soviet Union in June 1941, Hitler ... Believing the Slavs and Russians to be racially inferior, Hitler sought to ...
The French Revolutionary & Napoleonic Wars - Military History
Weakened by failed campaigns in Spain and Russia, France was eventually ... an invasion of Britain while London worked to build a new coalition with Russia, ...
1812 - Napoleon's Invasion of Russia - European History - About.com
A narrate of the events of 1812, Napoleon's disastrous invasion of Russia.
World War I Timeline: 1914, The War Begins - European History
August 1: Germany, an ally of Austria-Hungary, declares war on Russia and demands the ... August 10 - September 1: Austrian invasion of Russian Poland.
Russia Invades Ukraine: The 10 Funniest Memes - Political Humor
Mar 5, 2014 ... A roundup of Internet memes and political cartoons reacting to Russia's invasion of Ukraine and Vladimir Putin's mad power grab.
Russia Jokes - Funny Jokes Mocking Russia - Political Humor
"Intelligence officials say they had a hard time predicting Russia's invasion because Vladimir Putin doesn't own a cellphone or use the Internet due to fear of  ...
19th Century Military History Timeline - About.com
December 2, 1805 - Napoleonic Wars: The Austrians and Russians are ... and the Grande Armée cross the Neman River beginning the invasion of Russia.
Katyn Massacre - Introduction to the Katyn Massacre
The Polish Government-in-exile was already suspicious of Russia. After the German invasion of Russia they agreed to co-ordinate with the Soviet Union to form ...
An Explanation of the Origins of the Cold War in Europe
The German invasion of Russia, which followed a successful invasion of France, united the Soviets with Western Europe and later America in an alliance against ...
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