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Battle of Poltava - Great Northern War Battle of Poltava
Conflict: The Battle of Poltava was fought during the Great Northern War. Date: Charles XII was defeated on July 8, 1709 (New Style). Armies & Commanders:.
Battle of Narva - Great Northern War Battle of Narva - Military History
An early battle of the Great Northern War, Narva saw a smaller Swedish army under King Charles XII attack during a blizzard. In the resulting fighting near Narva, ...
Wars and Battles Throughout History - Military History - About.com
From the earliest battles in ancient Mesopotamia to today's war in Iraq, .... Williamite War: Battle of the Boyne · Great Northern War: Battle of Poltava · Battle of .... The War of 1812 was fought between the United States and Great ...
Finland and the Swedish Empire - Medieval History - About.com
The Great Northern War began in 1700 when Denmark, Poland, and Russia formed an alliance to take advantage of Sweden's apparent weakness at that time ...
1600s & 1700s Military History Timeline - About.com
1602 - Eighty Years' War: Maurice of Orange captures Grave ... February 1700 - Great Northern War: Fighting begins between Sweden, Russia, Demark, and ...
Great Sioux War - Battle of the Little Bighorn 1876 - Military History
The Battle of the Little Bighorn was fought June 25-26, 1876 during the Great ... Arapaho, and Northern Cheyenne as a result of tensions regarding the Black ...
Battle of Svensksund - Russo-Swedish War Battle of Svensksund
The Battle of Svensksund was the climatic battle of the Russo-Swedish War ... Great Northern War: Battle of Narva · Hundred Years' War: Battle of Sluys · Wars of ...
Battles and Wars 1601-1800 - Military History - About.com
The Pequot War was fought from 1634 to 1638 in present-day New England. ... An early battle of the Great Northern War, Narva saw a smaller Swedish army ...
Battle of the Ice - Battle of the Ice Lake Peipus - Military History
The Battle of the Ice was fought April 5, 1242, during the Northern Crusades. ... War: Battle of Grunwald (Tannenberg) · Great Northern War: Battle of Poltava ...
Battle of Breitenfeld - Thirty Years War Battle of Breitenfeld
... of Breitenfeld was fought September 17, 1631, during the Thirty Years' War. ... Great Northern War: Battle of Poltava · Seven Years' War: Battle of Minden ...
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