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Military Terminology and Jargon - Military History - About.com
An abatis is a wooden obstacle utilized in military fortifications. ... A bastion is part of a set of fortifications that allows for the defenders to better attack oncoming ...
Glacis - Glacis Definition - Military History - About.com
A glacis is a rise of ground which forces attacking troops to remain in the line of fire from a set of fortifications until reaching a moat or ditch near the walls.
Mesopotamia - City Walls and Other Fortifications
It's easy to understand the transformation into medieval castles from the fortified camps of the Roman legions, but the idea of crenelated, turreted walled cities ...
Jerusalem: Citadel - Crusader Fortifications - Agnosticism / Atheism
In this photo we can see some of the large fortifications added by soldiers of the First Crusade. On the left tower are over-hanging turrets (bartizans), with three ...
Ramleh Fortifications: Cities of the Crusades - Agnosticism / Atheism
Ramleh Fortifications. Cities of the Crusades. «Back to Last Page | Cities of the Crusades Gallery ». Ramleh Fortifications. Ramleh was captured by the First ...
Confederate Fortifications at Manassas - Secondary Education
Civil War photograph of Confederate fortifications occupied by Federal soldiers at Manassas.
Confederate Fortifications at Yorktown - Secondary Education
Civil War photograph of Federal troops occupying the Confederate fortifications at Yorktown. These have been reinforced with cotton bales.
Irish Fortifications You Should Not Miss - Ireland Travel - About.com
... wanted the peacekeepers out and actively supported foreign invaders at the drop of a hat. Hence a number of interesting fortifications that still dot the landscape.
Fortifications - Medieval Rhodes - Medieval History - About.com
Another view of the medieval fortifications at Rhodes.
Medieval Fortifications of the Old Town at Rhodes - Medieval History
You can opt-out at any time. Please refer to our privacy policy for contact information. Image 12 of 16. Medieval Fortifications of the Old Town at Rhodes.
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