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Glacis - Glacis Definition - Military History - About.com
A glacis is a rise of ground which forces attacking troops to remain in the line of fire from a set of fortifications until reaching a moat or ditch near the walls.
Mesopotamia - City Walls and Other Fortifications
Here we'll look at a passage from Herodotus about the fortifications of the cities of Mesopotamia. Nineveh was an Assyrian capital city on the Tigris, in ancient ...
Irish Fortifications You Should Not Miss - Ireland Travel - About.com
... wanted the peacekeepers out and actively supported foreign invaders at the drop of a hat. Hence a number of interesting fortifications that still dot the landscape.
Confederate Fortifications at Yorktown - Secondary Education
Civil War photograph of Federal troops occupying the Confederate fortifications at Yorktown. These have been reinforced with cotton bales.
Confederate Fortifications at Manassas - Secondary Education
Civil War photograph of Confederate fortifications occupied by Federal soldiers at Manassas.
Ramleh Fortifications: Cities of the Crusades
Ramleh Fortifications. Cities of the Crusades. «Back to Last Page | Cities of the Crusades Gallery ». Ramleh Fortifications. Ramleh was captured by the First ...
Castles of Dublin - Fortifications and Follies
Castles of Dublin? Indeed, plural! Dublin has long been a centre of power, ever since the Viking age fortifications emphasized this. But most visitors seem to ...
Jerusalem: Citadel - Crusader Fortifications
In this photo we can see some of the large fortifications added by soldiers of the First Crusade. On the left tower are over-hanging turrets (bartizans), with three ...
Bokor Tower, Dubrovnik Fortifications - Eastern Europe Travel
Bokor Tower, Dubrovnik Fortifications. Bokor Tower, Dubrovnik - Kerry Kubilius, licensed to About.com. Bokor Tower, Dubrovnik.
Fortifications - Medieval Rhodes - Medieval History - About.com
Another view of the medieval fortifications at Rhodes.
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