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Battle of Minden - Seven Years' War - Duke of Brunswick
... saw Allied forces attempt to defend Hanover from the French. In the fighting at the Battle of Minden, the Duke of Brunswick and the Allies won a key victory.
Battle of Valmy - Wars of the French Revolution Battle of Valmy
Karl Wilhelm Ferdinand, Duke of Brunswick; 35,000 men. Battle of Valmy - Background: As revolutionary fervor wracked Paris in 1792, the Assembly moved  ...
Battle of Quatre Bras - Napoleonic Wars - Military History - About.com
duke-of-wellington-wide.png - Photograph Source: Public Domain ... Allied fortunes continued to improve as the Duke of Brunswick arrived with additional men.
Every Move Explained: Morphy's Opera House Game (1858) - Chess
The game in question happened during an opera (many say it was The Barber of Seville), attended by Morphy along with Duke Karl and Count Isouard in Paris.
Duke of Cumberland - Military History - About.com
Prince William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland was the son of King George II and a ... formed in Hanover under the leadership of Duke Ferdinand of Brunswick.
Overview of the French and Indian War - Military History - About.com
In Hanover, the Duke of Brunswick had success against the French and later defeated them at Minden. In 1759, the French had hoped to launch an invasion of  ...
French Revolutionary Wars / War of the First Coalition
Led by Prussia's Duke of Brunswick it had 80,000 men drawn from central Europe, it took fortresses such as Verdun and closed on Paris. The Army of the Centre ...
Napoleon and the War of the Fourth Coalition - European History
The Prussian army he faced had the King of Prussia, Hohenlohe, and the actual commander - the Duke of Brunswick - all bickering, and as Napoleon struck in ...
French & Indian War Overview - Seven Years' War - Military History
In Europe, the Duke of Brunswick ably defended Hanover, while Frederick the Great fought a series of battles with the Austrians and Russians. At sea, the Royal  ...
Timeline of the Napoleonic and French Revolutionary Wars
July 29: The Duke of Brunswick issues a Manifesto threatening to destroy Paris if the French royals are harmed. Parisians massacre prisoners in response.
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