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Confederate Leaders of the Civil War - Confederate Generals
An overview of Confederate leaders from the Civil War.
Richard Taylor - Civil War - Confederacy - Lieutenant General
Lieutenant General Richard Taylor was a Confederate commander during the American Civil War. The son of President Zachary Taylor, Richard Taylor saw ...
Joseph E. Johnston - American Civil War General - Military History
General Joseph E. Johnston was a key Confederate leader during the Civil War. Fighting at First Bull Run, Joseph Johnston next led the Confederate army ...
Genealogy Glossary - UDC - United Daughters of the Confederacy ...
Explore a description, plus related words and resources for the acronym, UDC, United Daughters of the Confederacy.
Genealogy Glossary - CSA - Confederate States of America
Definition, pronounciation and related words and resources for the acronym, CSA - Confederate States of America.
Iroquois Confederacy - About Archaeology
A definition of the Iroquois Confederacy: iroquois confederacy historical archaeology glossary definition page nbsp human material.
History of Female Spies of the Confederacy - Women's History
A popular society hostess in Washington, DC, she used her contacts to gain information to pass to the Confederacy. Imprisoned for a time for her espionage, she ...
Pickett's Charge | Confederate Assault at Battle of Gettysburg
In the following decades, Pickett's Charge became known as the “high water mark of the Confederacy.” It seemed to mark the moment when the Confederacy  ...
Edmund Ruffin | Confederate Icon and Pro-Slavery Fanatic
Edmund Ruffin, fanatical pro-slavery advocate, become a symbol for the Confederacy.
Researching the Civil War Soldiers in Your Family Tree - Genealogy
Learn how to research your Civil War ancestors, including the major and alternative sources for records of Union and Confederate soldiers.
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