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Richard Taylor - Civil War - Confederacy - Lieutenant General
Lieutenant General Richard Taylor was a Confederate commander during the American Civil War. The son of President Zachary Taylor, Richard Taylor saw ...
Battle of New Orleans - American Civil War
... reaching the city after probing the defenses for over a week. The largest city in the Confederacy, the capture of New Orleans was a huge blow to the rebel cause .
Confederate Leaders of the Civil War - Confederate Generals
Patrick Cleburne was an Irish-American commander who fought for Confederacy during the Civil War. Serving with the Army of Tennessee, Patrick Cleburne ...
Genealogy Glossary - UDC - United Daughters of the Confederacy ...
Explore a description, plus related words and resources for the acronym, UDC, United Daughters of the Confederacy.
Iroquois Confederacy - Archaeology - About.com
A definition of the Iroquois Confederacy: iroquois confederacy historical archaeology glossary definition page nbsp human material.
History of Female Spies of the Confederacy - Women's History
A popular society hostess in Washington, DC, she used her contacts to gain information to pass to the Confederacy. Imprisoned for a time for her espionage, she ...
The Anaconda Plan of 1861 | Early Civil War Strategy
The Anaconda Plan was the initial Civil War strategy devised by General Winfield Scott of the U.S. Army to put down the rebellion by the Confederacy in 1861.
Maravi Confederacy - African History - About.com
Maravi ('flames of the fire') confederacy was established by Bantu speaking people, the Amaravi, who established a base around Lake Nyasa (Lake Malawi) in ...
Gaya Confederacy of Korea - Asian History - About.com
Glossary definition of the term Gaya Confederacy from your About.com Guide to Asian History.
Civil War Patriotic Envelopes - 19th Century History - About.com
American Eagle Attacks Confederacy. Symbol of America Was Shown Attacking the Confederacy. The Union eagle attacks the Confederate snake - Library of ...
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