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Boston Tea Party - American Revolution - Military History - About.com
The Boston Tea Party took place on December 16, 1773, in Boston harbor. Angered by the imposition of the Tea Act, colonists in Boston refused to allow new ...
The Intolerable Acts (1774) - American Revolution History
The Intolerable Acts were a series of punitive laws passed by Parliament in the spring 1774, in response to the 1773 Boston Tea Party. Consisting of five parts, ...
American Revolution Causes - Military History
Most active in Boston, the Sons of Liberty attacked an admiralty court and looted ... A direct affront to British authority, the "Boston Tea Party" forced Parliament to ...
Boston Tea Party - Coffee/Tea - About.com
Tea was an important factor leading up to the independence of the United States.
1773: Boston Tea Party: Terrorism in the United States
The Boston Tea Party, an act of sabotage by American colonists, is often credited with a role in prompting the American revolution. It also fulfills the definition of ...
Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum Review - New England Travel
Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum is an interactive, must-see Boston attraction . New England Expert Kim Knox Beckius shares photos and tips for visiting ...
Profile of the Boston Tea Party Video
The Boston Tea Party was one of the more legendary events that lead up to the American Revolution. Learn about the American colonists rebellious act against ...
Absolut Vodka Boston Tea Party Martini Cocktail Recipe - Cocktails
Tea time just got a little more interesting and brings the spirit of Boston into a Martini. The Boston Tea Party Martini was a natural use for Absolut Boston, one of ...
Boston Tea Party Anniversary in December - Family Crafts - About.com
What a great reason to celebrate on December 16th. Find ideas for crafts, games, and other activities.
Causes of the American Revolution - American History - About.com
The colonists and British soldiers openly clashed in Boston. ... These were passed in response to the Boston Tea Party and placed restrictions on the colonists ...
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