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American Revolution - Military History - About.com
Fought between 1775 and 1783, the American Revolution saw the Thirteen Colonies gain their independence from Great Britain. Here we look at the battles that ...
American Revolution - Early Campaigns of the American Revolution
The American Revolution began with the first shots at Battle of Lexington in April 1775. With the colonies in open rebellion, fighting spread and early campaigns ...
American Revolution - Causes of the American Revolution
The American Revolution began as a result of increasing colonial unhappiness with the policies of the British government. Following the French and Indian War,  ...
American Revolution - Revolutionary War
The struggle for independence in the american revolution created a new nation founded on principles from the Enlightenment thinkers. Read the documents ...
American Revolution 101 - Revolutionary War - Military History
The American Revolution was fought between 1775 and 1783, and was the result of increasing colonial unhappiness with British rule. During the American ...
American Revolution - Military History - About.com
In 1776, the American Revolution shifted to New York as the British launched as successful campaign to take the city. This was followed the next year by the ...
Southern Campaigns - American Revolutionary War - Military History
Following the Battle of Monmouth, the American Revolution shifted south as British forces attempted to subjugate the southern colonies.
mercantilism - background to the american revolution
Mercantilism is the idea that colonies existed for the benefit of the Mother Country . In other words, the American colonists could be compared to tenants. Another ...
Major General Horatio Gates - American Revolution - Military History
Major General Horatio Gates was an American commander during the American Revolution. A veteran of the French & Indian War, Horatio Gates later led ...
Events Leading to the American Revolution Timeline
This timeline of the events leading to the American Revolution provides a comprehensive look at the causes of the Revolutionary War. Check it out today.
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