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May 6, 1941 - The Republic P-47 Thunderbolt (right) first flies.  One of the more distinctive aircraft of World War II, the Thunderbolt was the largest and heaviest fighter built that was powered by a single engine. The result of several years of work by Republic's dynamic duo of Alexander de Seversky and Alexander Kartveli, the aircraft entered service in late 1942. Initially derided for its size, the P-47 proved a rugged and effective fighter in the skies over Europe. Dubbed the "Jug" by its pilots, the P-47 is perhaps best remembered as a ground-attack aircraft which shredded German forces in the months after D-Day. Remaining in the US inventory into the early 1950s, it was used by some air forces into the 1960s. Share your thoughts on the Jug or your favorite World War II aircraft.

World War II - American Fighters:

Photograph Courtesy of the US Air Force


September 28, 2009 at 11:43 am
(1) Steve Turner says:

The P-47 never has, and never will have, received the credit it is due. That aircraft performed a role as a ground support aircraft which that pretty bird, the P-51, could not possibly have done as well. The best feature of the Thunderbolt was its ability to survive damage which would have downed other fighters.

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