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February 22, 1732 - Gen. George Washington (right) is born. Few figures dominate 18th century American History like George Washington. Born in 1732, he played a key role in the opening engagements of the French & Indian War which ultimately saw Britain gain control of most of North America. Two decades later, he took command of the fledgling Continental Army during the opening months of the American Revolution. Though defeated in campaigns for New York and Philadelphia, Washington recognized that the mere existance of his army ensured that the conflict would continue. Though his battlefield results are debatable, his true value came as an inspirational leader who proved capable of keeping the army together and maintaining resistance during the darkest days of the conflict. A key symbol of the American Revolution, Washington's ability command respect was only surpassed by his willingness to cede power back to the people at the war's end. When he learned of Washington's resignation in 1783, King George III stated "If he does that, he will be the greatest man in the world." In this article, we examine Washington's life as a military man.

George Washington's Battles

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