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February 6, 1806 - VAdm. John Duckworth (right) wins the Battle of San Domingo.  Conducting a blockade of Cadiz in the wake of the Battle of Trafalgar, Duckworth learned of French warships raiding British convoys to the south.  Leaving a small force at Cadiz he moved south but found nothing.  Returning north, Duckworth sighted a French squadron.  Pursuing it, he failed to bring it to action and instead sailed to Barbados to resupply.  While in the Caribbean, Duckworth received intelligence that a squadron led by VAdm. Corentin Urbain Leissègues had arrived at Santo Domingo.  Immediately sailing, he attacked the French on February 6.  In the resulting Battle of San Domingo, the British captured three ships of the line and drove two ashore.  Though a great victory, Duckworth was later criticized for abandoning the blockade of Cadiz.    

Naval Battles of French Revolutionary/Napoleonic Wars:

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