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January 14, 1950 - The MiG-17 (right) flies for the first time. A follow-on to the earlier MiG-15, the MiG-17 entered service in October 1952. Too late for the Korean War, the type quickly began equipping Warsaw Pact air forces and was also built under license in Poland and China. Seeing service with Egypt and Syria during their conflicts with Israel, the type proved surprisingly effective against more advanced American aircraft during the Vietnam War. An agile fighter, its success led the US Navy and US Air Force to establish dissimilar air combat training programs to improve their pilots' dog-fighting skills. Though largely retired from frontline service, the MiG-17 remains in use with some air forces around the world.

Photograph Courtesy of the US Air Force


January 19, 2011 at 1:49 am
(1) cpocraig says:

the MiG 17 was less than watching the f-86 sabre’ morph into the f-100 super sabre’. there really are “countries” that kinda still, fly these planes. if you have the $ in your account you can still get one of these fighters with the ground personal needed for flight. now that’s a pretty cool thought/ dream? wait until you try to import your ground crew due to “lack of qualified U.S. citizens”. that would be a cool problem to have? go navy!

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