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December 3, 1800 - North of Munich, Austrian forces are defeated by a French Revolutionary army at the Battle of Hohenlinden. Maneuvering through southern Germany, the French Army of the Rhine, led by General Jean Moreau (left), had its rearguard attacked on December 1 at Ampfing by Austrian forces under Archduke John. Assembling his army on open ground near Hohenlinden, Moreau prepared for battle on December 3. Designed by the archduke's chief of staff, Franz von Weyrother, the Austrian plan called for four columns to move through the snowy hills and forests east of the town and attack the French lines. After ascertaining the Austrian's intentions, Moreau dispatched two divisions south to attempt to attack the Austrian left. In the battle that resulted, the Austrian columns attacked piecemeal due to the difficulty of the terrain and were beaten back. To the south, Moreau's flanking divisions succeeded in creating havoc and tying down one of the Austrian columns. Sensing victory, Moreau attacked all along his line, and drove the Austrians from the field. The victory at Hohenlinden, coupled with Napoleon's triumph at Marengo, ended the War of the Second Coalition.

Photograph Source: Public Domain


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