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September 15, 1942 - USS Wasp (CV-7) (right) is sunk by I-19.  Built to conform to the limitations of the Washington Naval Treaty, Wasp was commissioned in April 1940.  Spending much of its early career in the Caribbean, it later took part in American neutrality patrols in the Atlantic.  With the US entry into World War II, Wasp sailed for Britain and aided in delivering aircraft to Malta in the spring of 1942.  Transferred to the Pacific in May, it provided air support for the invasion of Guadalcanal in August. 

Sailing with the carrier USS Hornet and battleship USS North Carolina in mid-September, Wasp was escorting a troop convoy to Guadalcanal when it was hit by three torpedoes fired by the Japanese submarine I-19.  Striking magazines and fuel supplies, the torpedoes cause massive fires inside the ship and disabled its water mains.  Unable to control the fires, Capt. Forrest Sherman ordered Wasp abandoned.  A burning hulk, it was sunk by torpedoes from USS Lansdowne that evening. 

World War II - Allied Warships:

Photograph Courtesy of the US Navy History & Heritage Command


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